Best Home Security Camera For Cold Weather (Blink XT)

We all are searching for the best security camera for cold weather. As many of you know I reside in New England. Because it gets cold here I am not happy about it! REALLY cold!

I used to work for the cable company and one was our safety cameras for our safety support would freeze up during winter. I don’t blame people.

Nobody wants to pay $80 to $100 per security camera, be useless and just to have them freeze up. So I went to the DIY travel of searching through choices for safety cameras. Well, I started figuring out that no one made a claim that their cameras would operate in cold weather.

Either that or the reviews said that they couldn’t hold it together despite the fact that they claimed they could. That is until recently when I discovered Blink XT Cameras!

How To Install

I installed the Blink XT two camera system back. Then it got colder so I was interested to see how they would hold up. Blink XT’s are flat in their possess an footprint and construct.

That means that you could set up the Blink anywhere. Because in case you would like to attempt to set up the camera it’s never a problem, this is good. No matter how much space you’re currently working with.

Set Up

Preparing the Blink XT is extremely straightforward, when you plug in the sync module in your router and plug it in. The camera needs batteries. You create your account and download the program. You have to add the sync module. Which can be achieved entering it or by scanning the QR code. using the identical procedure You then add the camera.

A switch is in the program and the movement detection will be turned on by this. Once the motion detection was switched on the camera will send clips and alerts to you.

You can raise the clip length up to 60 14, if you prefer. If you go that long your battery life will have a negative impact on though. I have mine set to clips and they work fine.

The app enables you to set options for movement. I find this very helpful for an camera because there are a great deal of things that may set alerts off. Leaves on the ground flying , cats, shadows rain that is close by, and yes the alarms will be triggered by snow.

This app’s attractiveness is so as to decrease the amount of false positives, that you can tweak the settings. I’ve done this.

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Battery Life In Cold Weather

The Blink’s two’AA’ batteries lifespan was superior to that of the Arlo Pro batteries. Blink claims that you could get 2 years of battery life. The trick there from is that you need to use Energizer Lithium batteries.

Based on how you set up the trigger detection on these cameras, the Arlo Guru rechargeable battery life average ranged from short 3 months to slightly more than a month when installing them outside in the cold weather.

As you know battery life moves faster in cold weather. So it’s very important that these performed better than that in the very least. I have had the very same sets of batteries my cameras for same in both of the months we get here in New England.

Inclimate Weather

It is New England and we get snow. Some winters over others. It appears that we’re getting just a bit of a one this winter. We have had some snowfall and have had 2 or a noreaster.

This was another concern for me. How would weather be handled by these cameras? The answer to that is, without a care!

I have never seen a camera you expect it to operate during a noreaster and could stick out. That is crazy talk where I come from! Well, call me nuts, as these things are merely amazing and will hold up no matter what mother nature throws at them.

Video Quality In Cold Weather

The video quality is just amazing, it’s more than acceptable for a camera, but at exactly the exact same time, at night it may be a small challenge to find things at a distance. Night-time video is slightly grainy, but it the IR illumination makes it good enough in case you activate any records at night.

Compared to my other smart house cameras I have attempted it’s on par with other high-end 720p cameras. Perhaps a little better.

It is easy to watch the movie with the Program, when you receive an alert on your phone, you discuss it or may download it. Use and the app is easy to comprehend for the house.

There’s a small delay with the motion sensor, this is not a massive problem indeed, but it might have been nice to have the ability to use to instantly to see when someone comes to the door. It is just a few seconds between the alert and the trigger. Not to be worried about.

This might be a flaw with a few smartphones as opposed to the system itself, although I’ve seen some folks complain about the alarms being slow. By way of instance, my wife’s phone will alert her within minutes of the movement detection while mine will occasionally lag. After looking into this issue I discovered that LG phones often have this matter. On the iPads, the alert is reliable and quick.

Bang For The Buck

Blink was far cheaper and more economical compared to Arlo Pro. Arlo Guru was priced. Following a power outage, the Blink XT would reconnect fast and instantly sync back up with the base station.

For the Arlo Guru, there was a trial-and-error procedure which required multiple resets to the base station as well as the router/modem. I would suggest that whether you’re purchasing a camera for inside or outdoors get the Blink XT model that is exterior.

A enormous improvement is from motion sensing capability, the film, and night vision. If you buy only 1 camera, I would suggest the Blink XT regardless of where you put in it.


  • The machine is reasonably priced.
  • Effortless to set up.
  • Effortless to install.
  • Absolutely wireless.
  • It’s a excellent quality picture.
  • Real-time Picture Snapshots
  • Real-time video
  • Live sound
  • Automatic arming or disarming of cameras
  • Ability to arm or disarm individual cameras.
  • No monthly fee cloud storage
  • Battery life was incredible
  • Easily include cameras
  • Syncs up with Samsung SmartThings
  • Works with IFTTT


  • No computer software which lets you watch live feeds. (I use my phone the majority of the time anyhow )
  • Can’t record while viewing the live feed.
  • The cameras thumbnail image can’t be saved.
  • The sound feature is 1 way.
  • Blink had a field of view of 110-degree whereas the Arlo Guru had a 130-degree area of degree.

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I can not say enough how much I really like these cameras, I’ve 2 blink XT outside cameras and really just ordered a third. They are just as simple for day to day usage and were easy to prepare.

There are just. Snow plows putting off that cat and my camera from the street and going by.

Oh yeah, there is also the fact that to see the Blink cameras on a computer that you will need to use an android emulator.

This item is perfect in best security camera for cold weather. I set out to get a camera that could deal with the weather and components and had all the features I wanted. Boy did I find it!

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