Best Robot Vacuums (September 2019)

Are you looking for Recommendation for best robot vacuums? you are at right place.  iRobot Roomba 690 is the best option if you’re ready to put money into a robot vacuum. How can we know? We transformed part of our laboratory into a robot vacuum testing facility, laying down hardwood floors and setting up temporary walls, so we could examine in a controlled atmosphere. We spread the exact exact quantity of kitty litter, breakfast cereal and pet hair in exactly the same space and allow every robot vacuum clean with the very same settings to determine which ones cleaned up the most. Then we took them into a true home to determine which machines could best browse around chair legs, under sofas and over floor transitions to maintain cleaning. We also considered how easy they were to install and use. Countless hours of testing afterwards, we had a winner. The Roomba 690 combines strong suction with terrific agility. It is an efficient and user-friendly cleaning companion for your dwelling.

Best Robot vacuum of all

iRobot Roomba 690 ( We recommend this )

The iRobot Roomba 690 harnesses the power of three different types of cleaning brushes to get your floors clean. It managed to turn in a virtually flawless performance on the cleaning evaluations with breakfast cereal and kitty litter.
It struggled somewhat on pet hair, however, like the majority of the vacuums we analyzed. A lot of the hair was wrapped around the brushes rather than at the dustbin, but it had been removed from the floor. The 690 was noticeably simple to use for a lot of reasons. You can control it with your own voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You could also just push 1 button on the top of the machine or use a smartphone app.
The app was simpler to use than a number of the other robot vacuums apps. The robot also has its own voice and it’ll play recorded messages to allow you to know about any errors it’s experiencing so you do not need to guess. The Roomba 690 had a wonderful run at my home. It moved in and around table legs and cleaned on many unique kinds of rugs and floors. It had very little human support to maintain cleaning, unlike any machines which would get stuck on floor transitions and other barriers. It’s a little taller than a few, so it couldn’t clean under a really low-slung wooden chest, but it got under the sofas and the majority of other things just fine. The 690 runs for about one hour and thirty minutes, which is about average, but its three hour charge time is quicker than most. That way it can contact cleaning fast.
  • Strong suction left our evaluation floors very clean.
  • You can control this vacuum with its own button, Amazon Alexa or a phone app.
  • Roomba 690 plays records of error messages in a human voice when it needs help.
  • There were vacuums which did a much better job on hair thinning.
  • It was too tall to wash beneath a wooden chest in my home.
  • There were vacuums with longer run times.
Best Value

iLife V3s Guru

The iLife V3s Guru was downright amazing on hardwood floors. It scooped up more Cheerios, kitty litter and even dog hair than any other machine. This one was a real standout on pet hair collection.
While others were tangling dog hair tightly around their brushes or leaving it on the ground, the V3’s brushless design enabled it to scoop debris into its dustbin. The V3 was fairly good at navigating its way through my home also. It managed to get under some of the stuff that’s lower to the floor, including sofas with heavy dust ruffles, and maintain cleanup. The V3s did battle on some of the floor alterations. When it attempted to go from hardwood floors onto different sorts of carpets it might get stuck and even closed down in certain instances. Additionally, it stopped on the tall transitions like a transistion from hardwood flooring to tile in my home. That means it is a bit less self explanatory than others. The V3s was fairly user friendly. The best robot vacuum cleaner have a great deal of different controllers and this one has choices. You don’t get the choice of a smartphone app. The absence of a display screen and the fact that there are no pre-recorded voices make it somewhat less user friendly so we really did not understand what was wrong with this one sometimes. Additionally, it has a tiny long recharge time when compared to others so when it’s done you have to wait some time to find cleaning again.
  • This one has been excellent at cleaning up pet hair.
  • The low cost is fine for the budget-conscious.
  • One-button performance makes it fairly user-friendly.
  • This one was not able to climb over some floor alterations by itself.
  • The comparatively long charging time cuts down on cleaning time somewhat.
  • The absence of a smartphone app alternative is going to be a drawback for some users.
Most Agile

Eufy 11S

One reason to acquire a robot vacuum cleaner is that it requires you chore off your list but a lot of them get stuck so frequently you may end up spending the same amount of time babysitting them since you’d just vacuuming the floor with your trusty upright or canister. The Eufy 11S is self-sufficient so you should be able to actually leave it alone and expect it to continue vacuuming.
This unit went up and over some of the most dramatic flooring alterations in the evaluation house — from hardwood to tile, from hardwood to carpeting and back again — without missing a moment. There were a handful that also did that but a lot of these couldn’t go under as many things as the 11S. It managed to go over anything and under anything, even the sofas which were near the ground. The taller machines handled the minimal furniture such as walls and turned off. The 11S also had quite respectable numbers on the suction tests, clearing our evaluation floor in our laboratory of Cheerios, kitty litter and dog hair. It did have quite a lot of dog hair stuck in its brushes after testing, so you wind up cleaning the machine after it cleans the floors. 1 other drawback is a comparatively lengthy recharge time of five hours. Once it’s out of juice it’ll be a while before it can clean again. This machine is rather easy to control — you just use the button on top or the included remote. Some people may miss the choice of smartphone management, however, which most of the best robot vacuums supply.
  • This machine sailed over the tallest transitions.
  • The 11S is brief so that it may also go under low-slung furniture.
  • This one scored high on suction evaluations.
  • Plenty of dog hair ended up stuck to the brushes rather than in the dustbin.
  • A comparatively long recharge time will mean a small wait between cleanings.
  • It lacks a smartphone app.
Fastest Recharge Time

Neato Botvac Connected D4

Neato Botvac Connected D4 is Fantastic for bigger homes since it takes very little downtime for recharging.
It can clean for over an hour until it requires more power. When it does, it recharges smartly. It can do a type of mini-recharge that will help it complete a particular cleaning project before it requires a good long charge. Even the lengthy run is relatively short at less than two hours. That means it can contact cleaning in under half the time of many competing vacuums. This is also among those highest-scoring for suction, so it also does a thorough job. 1 drawback with the D4 is a big initial investment but the quick recharge times will be well worth it, particularly in the event you want it to cover a good deal of ground.
  • Recharges in under half the time of most competing units.
  • A relatively large initial investment won’t fit every budget.

ILife A7

No vacuum cleaner is whisper quiet, but the iLife A7 becomes pretty close. It only generates 60 decibels of sound, which is pretty impressive considering some of the louder versions we tested produce over 75 decibels.
Unlike with some robot vacs, you do not have to shout over the A7. In our tests, it was a superstar on carpets, and it also has the longest run time of the robot vacuums we examined. Additionally, it sailed over floor transitions in our home evaluations, so it’s pretty self-sufficient. However, the A7 fought quite a bit on hardwood floors, which is usually where robot vacuum cleaners do best. Therefore, if you have mostly hard flooring, you may want to think about other models.
  • Quietest robot vac we analyzed
  • Struggled to clean hardwood floors



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