Best Washer Dryer Combos ( September 2019) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We spent over 150 hours assessing and exploring washer dryer combos to discover the quickest. We looked at models which do not take up much space and have features and rates. We think the LG WM3997HWA is the machine for most people, after calculating their differences. It has initial and continuing costs and is compact.

Best Overall

LG WM3997HWA ( we recommend this)

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The LG WM3997HWA matches twice as many clothes as many washer dryer combos we reviewed. These appliances have drums, so it is a bonus when you purchase. It is compact compared to washer and dryer sets.
This LG model is best overall than other best washer dryers we reviewed, and it’s about 6 inches deeper. It’s also even though it can be well worth the cost for a family due to its capacity and capabilities that are remarkable. The WM3997HWA has clean cycle, cycle that is dry, water temperature and soil level setting choices. There are machines with wash cycles, but the variety of the LG is excellent.
You can pick the low water choice of the machine to conserve energy and water once your clothes are lightly soiled. Its self-clean cycle clears the system of built-up gunk, and there’s also a sanitize manner that LG claims removes 99.9 percent of germs out of items that require additional attention such as stuffed toys. Noise is regulated by the LG WM3997HWA . Unlike many machines, it has dryer settings — you can personalize the cycle by altering desired dryness, the run time and temperature. If you dry clothing which are prone to 12, this is useful.


  • Double the capacity of several washer dryer combos
  • Multiple dryer configurations
  • Vibration reduction feature regulates noise

Haier HLC1700AXS

The Haier HLC1700AXS washer dryer combo costs about $1,200. We analyzed machines that were cheaper, but none of them have as many features.
By way of example, it’s very energy efficient. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission estimates it costs just about $8 a year to operate if you use an electric water heater. We preferred machines, although you save plenty of space by having a washer dryer combo machine rather than a washer and dryer set. To fit in a typical cupboard, a washer dryer combo has to be less than 24 inches deep — the Haier HLC1700AXS is 23.63 inches deep. There are machines on the market. But, those machines do not have attributes like loading sense, a child lock and beginning . It has various wash cycles. By way of example, you can select between five spin rates five water temperatures and five soil levels. Additionally, it has. The Auto Dry feature takes the guesswork out of setting temperature and the time. There is. A display that is great is shown on by all setting choices.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Digital screen
  • Delayed-start setting
Best Value

Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3

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Along with being the most affordable washer dryer combo we reviewed, the Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3 has a nice feature set that includes all the essentials and extras like a self-cleaning cycle.

This system connects to a faucet, so it is a fantastic option if you don’t have dedicated laundry room water-supply valves. It comes with. Therefore, you can set it to begin a load of clothing near when you get home, so it finishes when you’re away. Even though it also comes with a cycle that is de-wrinkle the drum, clothes do not sit in enough to wrinkle. The Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3 holds about 8 lbs of clothing and has a capacity of 2 cubic feet. The cycle eliminates residue within the system reduce maintenance and to keep it clean. The preferences dial of the machine is clearly marked and easy to read. By adjusting the temperature or soil level you fine-tune the settings. The MCSCWD20W3 is a excellent deal for the price, and it has most.


  • Most affordable washer drier we reviewed
  • De-wrinkle and self-cleaning cycles
  • Hooks into a water faucet Rather than a water-supply valve
Best Warranty


In many cases you may spend over $1,000 on a best washer dryer combo, so it might be worth researching guarantee coverage for all these products. 1 repair could result in a major influence on your budget.
We observed that the excellent LG WM3488HS policy as we compared some of the best washer dryer combos available on the market. In comparison with a few of the others, It’s 10 times the guarantee. It has life coverage on the wash drum. So the most expensive parts both are covered for longer than average. Labor and parts are covered for 1 year, but that’s standard. The LG WM3488HS isn’t the finest in every way — it’s the most expensive we reviewed and the greatest. All for are accessible including spin speed controller load sense that is automated, which means you get a great deal for this price.


  • Superior guarantee coverage means that you can invest with confidence.

Best Energy Efficient: Whirlpool WTW4816W Washer and WED4815EW Dyer

For this collection from Whirlpool is a excellent option. Designed with savings in mind the washer and dryer have settings that save you money and time.

On the washer, you can benefit from load sensing technologies to avoid wasting water . Though the drum is just 3.5 cubic feet, many users report that it retains a surprising quantity of laundry.

Moving over to the dryer, pick the cycle to stop when clothes are dry and ready. And if you do not get to the laundry room straight away, an Wrinkle Shield setting will fall from becoming a problem, the clothes to stop wrinkles. All these features translates into savings on energy water, and time.

Best Compact

Splendide 2100XC

The major purpose of purchasing a washer dryer combination as opposed to different units is the space savings. Space savings are all offered by them predicated on design.
The Splendide 2100XC amplifies that benefit by taking just a small bit of your floor — the least of any device we contrasted. It is 22 inches deep — two inches bigger than the closet depth. It’s also the shortest one we believed — not by a lot but every inch counts when you’re attempting to eke out some laundry room area in a small apartment or RV. This doesn’t have as many choices as some units — it had the choice of dryer and washer cycles but you have some choices. And, it was the best for things — there are 7 options for water temperatures. Machines had fewer.


  • This is the most compact appliance we contrasted, so it can fit almost anywhere

Why Trust Us

We’ve been reviewing washer dryer combos for at least three decades. We found a number of the best versions on the market and compared specs and their features. We read user reviews and posts to find out about complaints as well. This sort of appliance tends to have mixed reviews — that changes from machine to machine, although the wash cycles are better than the cycles.

In addition, we have reviewed a number of washing machines and dryers for at least seven decades. These include top-load washers mobile washers, front-load washers and clothes dryers. When we explore these appliances, we frequently visit stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot to get a feel for how they operate, to test their abilities and to speak to shop representatives to get their opinions. We don’t test machines but they are researched by us online and get as much experience as we could.

We also talked to business specialists, such as Atul Vir. Vir is Equator Advanced Appliances, which is connected with brands which make washer dryer combos, such as Deco’s president and founder. He has been questioning the need for a washer and dryer since the first days of his marriage. The laundry regular of the family entailed shifting over clothes to the dryer and waiting to complete and going to the laundromat. The process took hours.

“It seemed like this was the weekend action and it did not seem very interesting,” Vir said.

When that regular prevented them from going to the beach for a family one too many times, he decided he wanted to bring washer dryer combos into america. He had gotten used to not babysitting each load — waiting to switch from washer to dryer and lived in Europe. Washer dryer combos need less space, so apartment dwellers bypass the laundromat and can have their own laundry facilities.

Those advantages have helped the empire is built by him but he admits that not everyone is convinced. Part of the problem is combos designed to fit in closets that are tiny. Some folks will need to do loads. In addition, it is a matter of habit — the need isn’t as good for a appliance, and many Americans were raised using a washer and drier.

“There are laundry rooms in most single-family houses, so it is not a space requirement,” Vir said.

Washer dryer combinations have a poor reputation for taking a very long time and wrinkling clothes during the drying cycle. Even the machines and that struggle.

“Together with our 28-year history it is a process and we keep learning. There is new technologies coming all of the time,” he said.

Vir said electronic controls have made things a lot more convenient and engineers are working all of the time to make other improvements to the washer dryer combo theory, such as making them more intuitive in general and better at drying.

How Much Can a Washer Dryer Combo Price?

The normal price of the very popular washer dryer combos available on the market is right around $1,300. The average of the five best sellers on Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe’s was $1,356. Those we examined ranged between $600 and $ 2,000 and had an average cost of $ 1,238. That seems like a lot if you’re restricted that investment can earn a good deal of sense, and until you understand you get two appliances in one.

How We Tested

Compare and we researched to find the best washer dryer combos on the market. We determined which are important for customers and looked to compare attributes. In every one of our reviews, we emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of the washer dryer.

Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a Washer Dryer Combo

Generally speaking, washer dryer combos have capacities of approximately 2 feet. That’s enough room. We looked with drums for machines, since they permit you to wash loads and use less energy.

Start looking for one with soil level water temperature, wash cycle and cycle setting choices as you compare machines.

Washer & Dryer Cycles
The best washer dryer combos have many cycle configurations and wash your clothes without damaging them. For washing and for fabrics, they’ve settings By way of instance.

Machines should completely dry things of all sorts jeans and towels that are tight. Some washer dryer combos have two or one dryer settings, while others allow you to set the temperature, which can be useful if you will need to wash fabrics.

Additional Features
Each of the washer dryer combos we contrasted have automatic dispensers that discharge detergent at the ideal time during the wash cycle. Most also include a lock that protects the machine and your kids . Additionally, they have a display that shows what’s occurring during a cycle.

Features like an automated load detector, which matches the drum with the quantity of water are common. This is a wonderful attribute that is energy-saving, and scored better in our review.

How Can a Washer Dryer Combo Work?

These machines operate, although washer dryer combos may seem like washers or dryers. Washer dryer combos don’t need since they utilize condensation drying a dryer vent. This means that, rather than expelling heat they use heat until it passes to filter throughout the load and collects any vapor at a tank. The combo units use the conventional power, so you don’t have to plug them in a outlet. Washer dryer combos are lightweight are much smaller than washers and dryers and have wheels you can push them. This is one reason these combo units are popular in flats and spaces that are small. They’re amazing although they take more time to complete the procedure.

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