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Crimestopper SP-502 2-Way LCD Paging Combo Alarm, Keyless Entry and Remote Start System with Rechargeable Remote

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  • (1) 2-way LCD transmitter with 3000ft of range
  • (1) 5-button companion transmitter with 2000ft of range
  • Remote start built-in
  • Trunk release: disarm with trunk release
  • Priority unlock Feature

Product Description

The CrimeStopper SP-502 it the top of the line universal remote start and security system. This system offers a full 2-way rechargeable LCD remote and companion 1-way 5 button remote with up to 3000 ft. of range. It offers all of the features of our deluxe security systems as well as our remote start systems all in 1 complete package. With included features like our dual stage shock sensor, 120 dB siren, starter kill output with relay and our dual full 2-way data to data port for both our OFA and Fortin line of integration modules. This system has everything you need.

Protect Your Vehicle from Theft and Vandalism, and Remote Start the Engine with the Push of a Button The SP-502 comes with a 2-way paging LCD remote and a 1-way "sidekick" non-paging remote. View larger Thousands of cars get broken into, stolen or vandalized every year. Don’t become part of this statistic. Protect your vehicle with the SecurityPlus SP-502 system. The SP-502 is a top-of-the-line system that does it all. It provides an excellent layer of protection over your vehicle with a full-blown security system as well as adding the convenience of a keyless entry and remote engine start system. The SP-502 is a 2-Way system that uses a rechargeable LCD paging transmitter and a smaller 4-button “sidekick” transmitter operating on an FM/FM frequency at a range of up to 3500 ft. depending on your surrounding environment. Advantages of Using the SP-502 System SecurityPlus SP-502 2-Way Combo Alarm, Keyless Entry and Remote Start System A security system can be the only thing that stands in between your car and the thief who plans to steal it and make your day go horribly wrong. The SP-502 system comes with an adjustable dual-stage shock sensor that detects various types of impacts to the vehicle. The shock sensor is able to distinguish between a light vibration (loud exhaust or sound system) and an aggressive intrusion attempt. For light vibrations, the shock sensor will set the alarm into “warning mode” which will lightly sound off the siren with a few chirps to warn the intruder. If a heavy impact, the sensor will set off the alarm and fully sound the system’s siren. The SP-502 also comes with a starter kill relay that can be installed onto your vehicle’s starter wire. When the system is armed, the starter kill relay interrupts the starter wire to prevent hot-wiring and adds an extra layer of protection over your vehicle keeping your car where you parked it. The combination of the shock, sensor, starter kill and siren gives your vehicle multiple levels of protection against thieves. The transmitters themselves also have a second vehicle option which allows you to control another RS4-G4 system from the same remote. If you have an RS4-G4 system in one vehicle and a second RS4-G4 system in another vehicle, you can use the VEH button on the bottom of the remote to switch back a forth between the vehicles and control both systems. No more searching for a different set of keys to get into your other car, simply press and hold the VEH button and the LED on the top of the remote will switch colors to indicate which vehicle you are operating. It’s that simple. Range is one of the biggest advantages of the SP-502. The external antenna receiver will give you the extended range you need to remote start your vehicle from inside your home or office, lock or unlock your doors and even open the trunk from a distance of up to 3500 ft. depending on the surrounding environment. The LCD remote will receive the page-back confirmation that the command was sent, received and completed giving you peace-of-mind that your vehicle is safe and secure. The SP-502’s 2-Way LCD remote gives audible and visual confirmation of arm, disarm, trunk pop and remote start functions with a series of beeps and vibrations. It will also display it on-screen through various easy-to-read icons. The LCD remote will also illuminate red if the security system is tripped or if the shock sensor picks up vibration to warn you of an intrusion attempt. The LCD remote also uses an on-board rechargeable lithium battery, so you no longer have to worry about changing out the old AAA batteries. Simply plug in provided charger to the remote and let it sit. Both the LCD pager and sidekick remote have a second vehicle option which allows you to control another SP-502 system from the same remote. If you have an SP-502 system in one vehicle and a second SP-502 system in another vehicle, you can use the VEH button on the transmitters to switch back a forth between the vehicles and control both systems. No more searching for a different set of keys to get into your other car, simply press and hold the VEH button and the remote will switch between vehicle-one and vehicle-two, It’s that simple. The MS-1 tracking system interface is browser-based and compatible with all smartphones The SP-502’s remote start feature will turn on your climate controls when remote start is activated, effectively warming or cooling the interior temperature to make it comfortable for you when you enter into your vehicle. With the help of a separate data interface module, your heated seats and rear defrosters can also be activated during remote start as well. Simply leave your climate controls turned to the ON position and set at the levels you prefer and when you activate the remote start, they will turn on with the system and get your vehicle warm or cooled to the comfort level you want. The SP-502 also has the ability to control power sliding doors or the rear hatch for anyone who owns a minivan or SUV using its on-board auxiliary channels. Also, with the help of a separate window-rollup module, the SP-502 can also use these extra aux channels to roll the vehicle windows up and down as well. Please note: the data interface module and window modules are sold as separate accessories and features and compatibility of these modules depend on the year, make and model of the vehicle. Track and Start Your Vehicle from Your Smartphone As we all know technology is changing and Smartphone’s are now becoming the new trend. The SP-502 system can be interfaced with our MS-1 tracking system which gives you the ability to unlock the doors, start the engine and track your vehicle using your Smartphone or from your PC. The tracking interface is browser based, very easy-to-use and is compatible with any type of Smartphone whether it’s an iPhone, Android or Blackberry. The MS-1 can also be configured to notify you if the SP-502 security system is triggered. Once the alarm is activated, the MS-1 will send you a text message or email letting you know of the intrusion or theft. The MS-1 has a yearly subscription fee of $39.99 and comes pre-loaded with 500 messages or “tracks” to unlock, start, and track your vehicle.

Leviton DW6HD-1BZ Decora Smart Wi-Fi 600W Incandescent/300W LED Dimmer, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest

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  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately). Control your home from anywhere - no hub required - simply replace your existing light switch
  • Schedule your lights to turn on when you want them including sunrise/sunset, easily create fun lighting scenes, or use your voice to ask Alexa or Google to turn off all lights
  • Control up to 20 residences, 99 smart devices, 50 rooms, 50 scenes, 50 activities, and 50 schedules per account, plus adjust fade rates, LED activity, preset brightness levels, and more
  • Leviton devices are truly smart - your pre-set schedules live inside each device, so your schedules always run as expected
  • Works with Nest - automate lighting based on sensors or alarms. Confirm that the dimmer is being supplied from a 120V AC, 60 Hz source only

Product Description

Easily replace your existing single pole or multi-way dimmer with the new Leviton 600-Watt Universal LED/Incandescent Decora Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer to allow control from anywhere. Use the free My Leviton iOS or Android app to add/name devices and to control them individually or as a room with a single button push. Create schedules, scenes and customize your experience with adjustable fade rates, maximum/minimum illumination levels and more if desired. Add an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device to use voice commands like, "Alexa, dim dining room lights to 33%". Leverages the Leviton Decora form factor with matching color change kits, multi-way devices, wallplates and more. Rated for dimmable LED and CFL loads up to 300-Watt or incandescent loads up to 600-Watt, neutral wire required (a neutral wire provides continuous power to the smart dimmer and is required for functionality. If you have questions, please contact Leviton directly or consult a licensed electrician). A 5-year limited warranty supports Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi products. Decora Smart devices are designed for countries which follow NEMA standards including the United States, Canada and parts of South America. DW6HD is for use with the My Leviton app and can be connected to voice controls and select third-party devices.  If enrolling into a hub like Samsung SmartThings to create a complete smart-home eco-system, Leviton recommends the DZ6HD.  If using in a HomeKit installation, utilize the DH6HD.

Chamberlain Group KLIK3U-BK Clicker Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote with Visor Clip, Black

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  • Features two buttons to control up to two garage doors or gates. The chamberlain universal remote can even operate up to two different brands of garage door Openers
  • Programming is easy. The chamberlain universal remote programs wirelessly to the garage door opener and does not require you to cut into wiring or install an unsightly receiver in your garage
  • The Clicker is compatible with Genie, Linear, Stanley, Overhead Door, Wayne-Dalton, Craftsman, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and more, Security +2.0 Compatible
  • The chamberlain universal remote features long battery life, and withstands rigorous quality testing
  • Visor clip, battery, and instruction manual are included

Product Description

The Chamberlain Original Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener Remote keeps you moving with two buttons that control up to two different brands of garage door openers individually. This easy-to-program remote is compatible with over 90% of all garage door openers installed in North America, including major brands such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Genie and many more. Whether replacing, updating, adding or consolidating remotes, this remote is the one that you know will work.Rigorous quality testing ensures secure encryption to prevent hacking and extreme 800-ft. range for immediate access. It can also control gate operators and MyQ Light Accessories for an all-in-one solution. Includes visor clip, long-life 3V coin-cell lithium CR2032 battery and instruction manual.

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