Tripp Lite Isobar 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Review 2018

Tripp Lite’s Isobar is the world’s number-one selling premium surge protector. The ISOBAR6ULTRA’s combination of rich features, metal-clad construction and powerful surge protection make it best power strip for a wide range of applications, including home offices, retail outlets, factories, warehouses and more. Its six widely-spaced AC outlets are arranged in three isolated filter banks and can accommodate up to two large transformers. A set of four plug-in covers is included to safeguard unused outlets.

Special features

  • The housing is made of aluminum alloy,the the interior of the socket is made of plastic, much more durable than normal type of power strip, also looks fancy.
  • Voltage: 125V ~ 250V ,current :10 A. It is the prefect idea for Office/Kitchen/Conference Room,but it cannot support high-power appliances,like air conditioning,microwave.
  • After using the socket ,please close it , the top of the socket can waterproof splash, but the inside of our socket is nonwaterproof, Please protect outlet from water spray.Prefect Idea helping you keep your counter tidy and clean, provide you an efficient workspace.Attention :Please make the cables on the bottom straight before using.
  • Note !!! Please cut a 4’’ hole, and remove the ring and slide the body from top, screw the ring tight from bottom. And the hidden length is 14’’ , and the pop up length is 8.7’’.
  • Have an idea install it somewhere else, just do it. The item can be install both vertical and horizontal.——-Please contract us if you need customization, we can provide all kind of ports as you like.

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I haven’t had the chance to destructively test this yet, however the overall product is great.

-build quality: (Aluminum housing, thick wire, sturdy and tight sockets, held together by 10 screws),
-great design (small plug footprint angled at 45 degrees will never block other outlets, nice wall/bench attachment hangers on the back, and serious look)
-electronics: Inside you will find two PCB’s, one for control lights and another for the main protection elements. The main board contains:

-Large movs (9 in total) correctly rated for the application.
-HRC fuse.
-Large filter chokes + common mode chokes.
-1KV rated line filter capacitors, etc. etc.
-thermal detection

The electronic components are not top brands, but all are correctly rated. E.g. the line Capacitor is branded “Carli” which is an acceptable Chinese brand – and even brands like “Bourns” are making most of their stuff in China, so those guys are getting pretty good at this. On the other hand, I am not happy that they depict “blue” MOVs (presumably from Bourns) in the circuit picture on their product page, but use the cheaper Chinese versions in actual products. that is a tad deceptive, but oh well, I guess the marketing guys just couldn’t stop themselves from being evil!

The protection circuit topology is simple but follows sound design. The wiring is rated for high current draws and large fault conditions. The earth connections are done correctly and the earth path is extremely heavy gauge. Very very sound engineering. Looking at the circuit, this is probably overkill for small/medium sized appliances, but hey, you can never have too much protection!

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